Winkel Studio has been hosting special events for well over a decade. Its open floorplan, 150 sq ft stage and full kitchen make it a natural fit for cocktail parties, large dinners, meetings, salons, art openings, screenings, performances and more. The space comes complete with a four-point PA system, DJ booth, and can accommodate live bands. Decor, talent booking and bar management is also available.

Sound System

4 x Yorkville Elite E15 15"/1" 700w tops
2 x B52 ACT-18 18" 1000w subs
2 x JBL Eon 15"/1" monitors
1 x Yorkville 4040 amp
1 x DBX Driverack PX signal processor
1 x DBX 231 dual channel 31-band stereo EQ
1 x DBX 131 single channel 31-band EQ
2 x Technics 1200 MKII vinyl turntables
1 x Pioneer DJM 600 DJ mixer
Suspended vibration-proof DJ booth
CDJs, mics, mixing console, etc. upon request

Other Amenities

10' Curbed Bamboo Bar Top
Fabric & Props Available
Folding Banquet Tables